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Please be aware of the following :

Considering the principles of SER, if you provide any modifications or additions to Resources or any other content (collectively "Contribution(s)) we shall have the right to add such Contribution(s) to the SER without payment or accounting to you. Furthermore, the act of providing any such Contribution(s) transfers all rights of ownership to the EPM. By submitting the Contribution(s) to the SER, you relinquish any existing claims to copyright or ownership (your "Rights") insofar as you are granted legal claim to those Rights. In the event that we believe that you are not legally entitled to transfer your Rights to the Contribution(s), we will decline to accept the Contribution(s) and no transfer of ownership or Rights shall be considered to have occurred. We also reserve the right to decline to accept any Contribution(s) for any reason, or without reason at all, in which case no transfer of ownership shall be considered to have occurred, and you shall retain all Rights previously granted to you. Software and data developed at SOCCER lab and made available on SER are written and distributed under the GNU General Public License which means that source code is freely-distributed and available to the general public. It is the responsibility of user to comply with the terms and obligations of the GNU License.