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   The Software Evolution Repository (SER) public area collects and makes readily available relevant artifacts to carry out research and education in software evolution. SER is associated and maintained by the SOCCER Lboratory. As collecting software evolution artifacts is very costly, the SER goal is to share and thus minimize the cost of running experiments. The public area contains hundreds of artifacts of many C, C++, and Java software systems, such as Mozilla, Eclipse, JBoss, together with excerpts from bug tracking systems.
  • data-sets/
    This area contains data from open source programs such as Linux, Mozilla or Eclipse. Depending from the data sets various artifacts are made available including releases, bug reports, snapshots, reverse engineered class diagrams or metrics. Reverse engieered class diagrams are usually in one of the two formats: plain graph and AOL; see the papers:
    Giuliano Antoniol, Gerardo Casazza, Massimiliano Di Penta, and Roberto Fiutem. Object-Oriented Design Patterns Recovery. Journal of Systems and Software, 59:181-196, November 2001
    Segla Kpodjedo, Filippo Ricca, Philippe Galinier, Giuliano Antoniol, and Yann-Gael Gueheneuc. Studying Software Evolution of Large Object-oriented Systems using an ETGM algorithm. Journal of Software Maintenance - Research and Practice, Sept 2010

  • technical-reports/
    Technical reports somehow related to the SER repository.

  • tr-data/
    Data from papers and technical reports
  • External Repositories/
    External reports for various artefacts.