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Welcome to the Software-artifact Evolution Repository (SER).
Software systems are company assets that must comply with regulations while providing customer satisfaction and maintaining a competitive market edge. The vast amount of systems currently in use world-wide needs to be evolved to meet continuously changing contextual, legislative, and market conditions. As a result, cost-effective change- and evolution-techniques are mandatory for a company's success and competitiveness. Therefore, we created the SER to help researchers develop and evaluate such techniques.

Similar to the Software-artifact Infrastructure Repository (SIR), we collect and make available in the SER software artifacts useful to carry out research and education in software evolution. SER is associated and maintained by the SOftware Cost-effective Change and Evolution Research (SOCCER) Laboratory, Département de génie informatique et logiciel of the École Polytechnique de Montréal.

In the SOCCER laboratory, we know that collecting software evolution artifacts is an expensive activity and that software evolution artifacts should be shared among researchers to minimize the cost of running experiments and to carry out research in software evolution at the pace needed by keep-up with the industry needs. SER is a repository of software artifacts related to software evolution meant to support research in the following areas:

  1. Managing software evolution projects.
  2. Understanding software evolution.
  3. Retrospective analysis of evolving software.

The repository contains several releases of many C, C++, and Java software systems, such as Mozilla, Eclipse, JBoss, and so on, together with excerpts form bug tracking systems, quality evaluations, and more!

We make these materials available to all who wish to access them, provided they register with us, and agree to the terms of use.

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